Beautiful Travel Trunks

Travel trunks are large cube sized containers used for carrying clothes are other personal belongings. Then can vary in length from 30-36 inches and 16-22 inches in height. They are not seen very often today and were often used in long trips. They come in varying designs such as monitor, cabin, wardrobe among many others. They are quite different from SuitCases and definitely no where as light as tote bags.

Seward Trunk College Dorm and Camp Storage Footlocker


Seward Trunk College Dorm and Camp Storage Footlocker, 30 Inch

Here, for instance, is a collegiate 30″ footlocker made from finished vinyl with a handle. It has heavy gauge vinyl and and high impact styrene binding. It’s got a easy push button key lock with 1 plastic handle and had dust/moisture resistant tongue and closure with wooden construction. You can buy it right now If you so like! Sure, it is not as convenient to carry as a duffel bag, but its charm can’t be beat!


Seward Trunk 30-Inch Footlocker with Nickel TrimSeward Trunk 30-Inch Footlocker with Nickel Trim

Trunks date back to 1000s of years in China and a few other locations. In the early 20th Century they suitcases found their way into the mainstream culture and slowly started replacing trunks.

Here I have linked to Seward Trunk 30-inch Footlocker with nickel trim. It can be one of the best solution for your storage needs. It provided plenty of space to store your clothes, linens, supplies, and a lot more.

The durable wooden construction with vinyl covering and styrene binding add to its sturdiness and solidness. It has a lid hinged with latches but for safety it has a push key button lock. Its maneuverability is enhanced by the plastic handles and its two recessed wheels. It is available in several colors including white, black, blue, pink, and white/red.


Saratoga Faux Leather Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk – Large TrunkSaratoga Faux Leather Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk

There are over 15 various styles of trunks. I will briefly go through some of the popular ones here and briefly describe them as well.

Saratoga: These used to be the best trunk of many makers and borde almost every other style of trunk. They have a complex system of compartments, trays, and hardware and this is what makes them easily recognizable.

Here is a beautiful large saratoga wooden steamer trunk that you can own too! It is make out of cedar wood and antique hardware. It can even be used as furniture such as coffee table for decor purposes. It weighs about 25 lbs and its old fashioned hardware will add to the antique look.

This is a beautiful piece of luggage and even make the most gorgeous suitcase look pale in comparison.



Lil’ Genius Academy Wooden Box Secret Treasure Stash Chest With A Working Lock And A Pair Of KeysLil' Genius Academy Wooden Box Secret Treasure Stash Chest


Monitor-tops: Their rounded front and rear corners is what differentiates these trunks from the other. Earlier ones were made with hardwood slats but metal ones appeared eventually and replaced the wood style. Here is a trunk to bring back the old memories.

It is constructed from wood and has a working lock and a pair of keys. It is aimed towards older teens but is definitely suitable for adults as well. It will definitely be a little treasure if it is painted and decorated.



Boston Wood Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk – Medium TrunkBoston Wood Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk

Steamer: These are also referred to as flat-top trunks and appeared in the late 1800s. The name steamer is derived from the cabin of a steam ship where these trunks were stored. Thus they are usually 14″ tall to accommodate for the steamship luggage regulations. They are not necessarily flat and might have slightly curved tops.

Here is a wooden steamer trunk you can buy for yourself! You can use this beautiful chest to further enhance the decor of any room in your beautiful home. Also, you may use it for its intended purpose which is to store stuff inside it.

Yes, they are not as convenient to carry as a garment bag, but they’ll separate you from the crowd!!


Old World Map Wooden Small Trunk

Cabin: And now for the “true” steamer trunks.. They were designed to fit under the berths of train or in the steamer cabin. Since they were designed to be kept with the owner they were often used to store valuable items. They also were built with flat-tops and have inner tray compartments.

Here is a small old world wooden that comes quite close to resembling the cabin truck in the old days. It is made from poly-wood and faux leather. The interior is fully linked and it’s great for storage and decoration. It even has a option to put a lock to keep your valuables safe. Bring back your old memories with this cabin trunk. It weighs a mere 1.3 pounds.


Road Ready RRHUT1E Half Size Utility Trunk

Hat: Used to be square shaped and go by half-trunks today. As the name might suggest, they were small in size and were primarily used to carry hats. These were often associated to and marketed to women. These are rather rare to find and thus sell for a bit more than the other trunks.

Here is a half trunk that you can buy for yourself with recessed low profile handles and latches. It has excellent laminated plywood and ATA ball corners. You can buy a black and white colored half size trunk right now!

Rhino Indestructo Travel TrunkRhino Indestructo Travel Trunk

Wardrobe: The wardrobe trunks have to be stood on one side to be opened. They have drawers on one side and for accessibility to clothes they have hangers on the other side. These trunks were intended for travelling and they are large which makes them quite heavy. There were many varieties of wardrobe trunks including the ones that had access to mirrors, shoes, make-up material and lots more.

You can buy your own travel trunk too now! It is made in America and has solid construction. It is a combination of old trunk making skills and new technology. If has removable wheels and foam pad for the interior.

This trunk was specially designed for travel in airline and ships. Having a cheap alternative to this trunk will eventually fail under the design criteria as it won’t be able to withstand the abuse that it will eventually receive.  It is lightweight yet very durable and sturdy.

Thus you can pack it up fully yet have it pass the airport guidelines for maximum weight. It is ideal for almost all your needs varying from military deployment, airline or cruise travel to summer camp, college, and home, business travel or packing.


Deco 79 55734 Wood Leather Trunk Dresser, 32″ x 32″, BrowDeco 79 55734 Wood Leather Trunk Dresser


Wall: These trunks are made from special hinges allowing them to be put flat against the wall whenever opened. These are not very expensive however they often are labelled in the “specialty” section.

Dresser: These trunks are a special sub-category of wall trunks. You can buy your own wooden leather trunk dresser now. It currently only comes in brown and is excellent for home decor. It is essentially a combination of 3 trunks, each with their own unique opening. It has a flat bottom base and brass tone buckles.

If you plan on buying one of these, you might also want to look at the matching brown garment bags.

UnderGrad Footlocker Trunk #1103UnderGrad Footlocker Trunk

Footlockers: Footlockers are a trunk-like piece of luggage and used mostly by the military personnel. Thus the focus is on functionality rather than aesthetics. Top priority is instead given to quality, ruggedness, strength, and ease with which the item can be transported or carried.

Let’s have a look at the UnderGrad trunk that is available in over 20 colors and can be useful even today! It offer over 4.5 ft3 of storage and is constructed with plywood with steel exterior. It is made in the USA and has lifetime repair warranty which you likely won’t be needing.



Seward Trunk College Dorm and Camp Storage Footlocker, 30 InchSeward Trunk College Dorm and Camp Storage Footlocker


The 30″ seward truck and camp storage footlocker is great too! It has banded edges and is made from finished vinyl with a handle. It has heavy vinyl and high impact binding from styrene. Its tongue is dual/moisture resistant and has a groove closure.

It is made out of wood and has a plastic handle as well. It could offer excellent storage for camp, home, or school items. It obviously has excellent solid construction and very careful skilled craftsmanship. It is definitely worth a buy.

Sterilite 18429001 Footlocker, Black w/ Titanium Handle & Galvanized Steel Latches, 1-PackSterilite 18429001 Footlocker, Black w/ Titanium Handle



Let’s look at another footlocker. It is a sterilite footlocker with galvanized steel latches and titanium handles. It has very durable construction and is easy to maneuver given its ergonomic handles and smoothly rolling wheels, however, it only comes in 1 color for now.

It has plenty of storage capacity and is great for storing camping items, dorm items, and sporting equipment. Its wheels allow for easier transportation of heavier loads and has the ability to use a standard size padlock for securing the items inside.


Seward Trunk Base Oversize TrunkSeward Trunk Base Oversize Trunk


We will now look at the Seward trunk base oversize trunk. It is made in the USA, has hardware in nickel color and is currently only available in blue. It is made of strong and durable wooden construction and it will be a great help towards organizing all your storage.

It is conveniently designed with smooth rolling wheels and two carrying handles which make it extremely easy to maneuver.

It is especially great for college or university students who need some sort of locked space to safeguard their belongings. The truck weighs around 30 pounds and is very wasy to move in and out of rooms. This trunk is very durable and can even be used by military personnel. Buy this trunk today and it will last you for many years down the road.


Seward Trunk Mossy Oak Stackable Storage LockerSeward Trunk Mossy Oak 30-Inch Stackable Storage Locker

Let;s check out another lockable and stack able trunk that is a Seward 30″ trunk. It is made in the US, completely made out of MDF, and has a strong and soild wooden construction. It is very easy to carry around due to its plastic handles and recessed wheels.

It’s got a great groove closure and has a dust resistant tongue. The trunk will provide plenty of space to store your supplies, clothes, linens, and all such similar items.

This truck could also make for a exciting gift. It is even used by kids to store or throw away their toys in. It will look very neat in a children’s room. It can furthermore be used to haul stuff over a long distance as in when you’re moving between homes.

The wheels make it very comfortable to move this trunk around tight spaces. Furthermore, it is just around 21 pounds so you won’t get too tired carrying it the whole day.

Be sure to get these beautiful green suitcases to go with them!


Locking Stackable Trunk- Silver GreyLocking Stackable Trunk- Silver Grey

Let’s now check out a locking stack-able trunk that is currently only available in silver grey but is color coordinated with Styrene binder. It is stackable and has only one front handle made from plastic. The interior is not lined and no tray is there as well.

You will find that this trunk has a vintage look and is much looks much better in person and the pics online don’t do it justice. It can be used either for short-term or long-term storage. It is very sturdy by design and simply won’t give up on you.


Cheap Tote Bags

Traveler’s Choice Maxporter 24″ Rolling Trunk LuggageTraveler's Choice Maxporter 24" Rolling Trunk Luggage

We will now look at the Traveler’s Choice 24 inch Maxporter Rolling trunk. This truck is available in 2 different colors- Merlot and Silver Grey. It weighs in barely just over 9 pounds making is quite light and east to maneuver around.

This truck is constructed completely out of PolyCarbonate, and its telescoping handles have been travel tested on numerous occasions and have always exceed the expectations. It even features self-repairing zippers and has a protective corner guards installed on it.

This bag is very strong, durable, and a very rigid outer shell which is resistant to scratches and will never fail on you. This bag is meant to be functional and is ergonomically designed. It has a very soft grip side carry handle.

You will absolutely love this bag as it is very unique and this will bring you compliments left and right. In fact many people who buy it often end up recommending it to other. This bag is designed for travel purposes and will always be there with you from airline to the taxi to the room and back home with you!!


MOIERG Vintage Trunk Box Case Bag Luggage 2toneMOIERG Vintage Trunk Box Case Bag Luggage 2tone

Let’s now check out the Moierg Vintage Trunk Box Case. This trunk is only available in black but that happens to be the best color for trunks anyways!!

This bag is simply so gorgeous that even airline employees will stop you to give compliments and wonder where you got it!!

This trunk weighs in just barely around 5 pounds and is very light weight and easy to carry around. It features a dial lock key for safety and even has 2 pockets on the inside. It is designed in Japan though it is finally manufactured in China.

This bag comes with a shoulder belt and for the trolley it has a attachable belt. It is constructed out of PVS material which is great against nature especially rain. You will simply find this piece to luggage to be great and use it everywhere!!

For the price it is selling at this trunk is quite hard to beat and you likely won’t find another deal like this. It will become your travel companion from the very first time that you use it. Buy it now and make your travel trips a lot more wonderful.


Deco 79 Wood Leather Box, 17 by 15 by 12-Inch, Set of 3Deco 79 Wood Leather Box, 17 by 15 by 12-Inch, Set of 3

Let’s now look at the Deco 79 Wood leather box. This truck is only available in Brown and look really quite antique and beautiful. Other than functionality and use, it can even be used for home decor purposes and add to the value of your home.

This is a set of three wooden trunks that feature amazing travel graphics. They have brown faux leather trim, metal latches and handles, and even lift tops. The sizes of the trunks are 17, 15, and 12 inches. The shipping weight is just 14 pounds making the three trunks quite light.

These trunks offer amazing leather detailing and have magnificent ornate handles on the sides. You will absolutely fall in love with these trunks as may other  of its buyers did.

They will look absolutely fabulous in your living room but that doesn’t mean they lack functionality. Take them with you on your travel trips and they will last you just as long as any other trunk.


Locking Stackable TrunkLocking Stackable Trunk

Let’s now look at a locking stack-able trunk. This trunk is only available in Silver Grey and looks simply fabulous!!

It weighs in around 18 pounds making it a bit heavier than some previous trunks we’ve looked at but still not too bad. This trunk has a silver exterior color with color coordinated Styrene binding that is of high impact.

This trunk has a unlined interior and no tray is included in the sale. It also has one front plastic handle and is stack able as well. Like the previous trunk we discussed this one is also great for home decor purposes. Put it in your dorm and increase the value of your home while using it for storage at the same time as well!!

This is simply a great quality product that is very convenient to use for long-term storage or for other frequent use. You will absolutely love this trunk as it looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. This might be exactly what you have been seeking.


Rhino Armor Dorm Trunk – 35″ x 17″ x 17″ – WITH WHEELSRhino Armor Dorm Trunk - 35" x 17" x 17" - WITH WHEELS

We will now look at the Rhino Armor Dorm Trunk. Other than Black, this trunk is available in many other beautiful colors such as Navy Blue, Neon Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, and Silver. It definitely has a lot more variety in colors than some of the previous trunks we have looked at.

This trunk has a Cordura Nylon exterior laminated with Baltic Birch Plywood. All the hardware on this trunk is heavy duty nickel plated including lid hinges, and lid stay. It even features a fancy trunk lock that has a loop for attaching a padlock.

This trunk can be ideal for summer camp, college, home or even to the office. It has a very secure storage but is not suitable as a shipping container or for airline usage.

This is a great trunk that is of fantastic quality and has great rigidity, strength, and durability while at the same time remaining quit light in weight. Yes, the price is a bit on the expensive side but it is definitely worth it and you’ll get more than your money’s worth.


U.S. Traveler Long Haul 24″ Cargo Trunk LuggageU.S. Traveler Long Haul 24" Cargo Trunk Luggage

We will now have a look at the U.S. Traveler Cargo trunk. It is available in 4 beautiful colors- Black, Burnt Orange, Steel Blue, and Steel Gray. It also weighs just around 10 pounds making it quite a breeze to carry and maneuver around.

This trunk is constructed from ABS hard shell making it quite light yet strong, rigid, and durable. It also has corner guards to aid in protection and safety. The inline wheels ane very quite and make for a smooth and enjoyable period while you are hauling the trunk around.

Not only does this trunk look great, it also gets top marks for functionality. It is quite long providing a lot of room and is very spacious. You’ll always have extra room to throw in the items that you bought during your trip.

You will absolutely love this suitcase from the minute iy arrives at your doorsteps!!




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