Gorgeous Red Suitcases

The red suitcase will stand out and make you look unique in the crowd. In this article we’ll check out numerous red suitcases you can buy off Amazon. We’ll review them and compare them in detail as well. You can also find green suitcases and red briefcases. And be sure to check out the most beautiful suitcases as well!!

No matter what color suitcases you get, make sure you get the right one and the one that fulfills your needs. What might work for someone else, might not work for you. Do go through this article and do your research!!


New Travel Carry On Suitcase On Wheels With Extendable HandleNew Travel Carry On Suitcase On Wheels With Extendable Handle


We’ll start our journey with the New Travel carry on suitcase with extendable handles. It is available in many other colors other than red such as black and purple. It also comes in different design variations such as floral polka dots and hearts and dots.

The compression straps on this bag will help you keep your items tightly and nicely packed. It has in-line wheels and weighs merely just over 4 pounds. Thus it is very light weight and extremely easy to carry around.

This bag is secure and will make you feel and look very stylish. It constructed out of strong and rugged polyester and is up for the task to keep your travel items safe and secure. The top grabbing handle is padded making handling it very comfortable and easy on your hands.

How many items have you packed your suitcase fully and forgot some essential items? Not to worry, this suitcase offers dual front pockets for last minute accessories or items and is perfect for holding items you don’t want locked away and need access to often. It’s simply a great good looking bad and is a good product for the price.

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 25Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 25

We will now check out the Samsonite Aspire Expendable Spinner 25 red suitcase. It is constructed from Polyester, imported, and has a full interior lining. It is very convenient to use and even has a zipper pocket for tickets or smaller items.

You will have great mobility with this bag thanks to its 4 360 degree spinning wheels. It can roll completely upright taking the weight off your arms and  shoulder so you can relax. For better organization it has a interior that include a wetpak and mesh pockets. Thanks to its construction material it can even expand to provide additional packing space.

Other than red, this bag is also available in other colors such as black, blue, and volt. You will look very chic and stylish with this bag which in terms will provide you with more confidence. It is durable yet very lightweight weighing barely just over 11 pounds.

This bag will be able to withstand all the abuse that airports throw at it. This is essentially the perfect suitcase and you’ll be glad that you bought it.

Lucas ABS Carry On Hard Case Rolling Suitcase With Spinner WheelsLucas ABS Carry On Hard Case 20 inch Rolling Suitcase With Spinner Wheels


We will now look at the Lucas Carry On hard rolling suitcase with spinner wheels. It also has 360 degree rolling wheels allowing you to freely maneuver through the airport and roll it easily. It weighs barely just over 8 pounds so it is very lightweight and not too harsh on your arms.

You will be keep your items tidy and organized due to its fully lined interior with nicely placed pockets. The shell on this suitcase is very scratch resistant so you can have peace of mind knowing that your items are safe and secure. To top it all it even has 5 year warranty so nothing can really go wrong!!

This bag is very durable and strong will fit easily in most airline compartments overhead. This sturdy bag is of great quality and is the perfect compromise between weight and strength. This bag is just what you’ve been looking for and you will not regret buying it.

Other than red burgundy color it is also available in charcoal, purple, and blue.

American Tourister Disney Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Softside SpinnerAmerican Tourister Disney Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Softside Spinner 21


We’ll now check out a red suitcase designed with white polka dots on it. It is the American Tourister Disney Softside spinner suitcase. It is made out of 100% Polyester, imported, and has single spinner wheels. It features a push-button locking pull-handle and also has a branded id tag.

It weighs barely just over 9 pounds and is thus very light weight and easy to carry around. You will absolutely love this bag and you have nothing to be nervous about. It will fit easily in most overhead compartments despite it being so spacious and roomy. You’ll be receiving compliments left and right about it!!

This is a quality luggage and can be a great gift to kids as well. Though it measures 23″, most airlines will have no problem with it and will simply let them pass through. If you’re looking for a luggage that is Disney but not too cartoon like then this is it for you.

This bag is just perfect for a vacation under 1 week and is just right for the weekend get away. It is well made and very sturdy and you will not regret buying it.

Delsey Luggage Helium Sky Express Spinner Trolley SuitcaseDelsey Luggage Helium Sky 25 Inch Express Spinner Trolley Suitcase


Let’s now check out the Delsey luggage trolley suitcase. Other than the red color it is also made in black. It is constructed completely out of Micro Ballistec, imported, and also has a Polyester lining. It has a zipper closure and can also expand a bit to provide for extra packing capacity.

This bag weighs barely just over 10 pounds and is very light weight and easy to maneuver around. It is stylish, has many organizational features, loaded with many features, and make you look very fashionable all at the same time!!

The spinner wheels on this bag make it very easy to carry around and the three outside pockets will hep you with that last minute packing that we’ve all gone through. The bottom handle is also very convenient and to top it all off it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Many other suitcases will start giving up on you after 10+ trips but not this one. It has been tested and breezes right through all the challenges thrown at it. It is a great combination of durability and light weight and will last you for years to come.



Merax Dreamy ABS+PC 3 Piece Expandable Luggage Set with TSA LockMerax Dreamy ABS+PC 3 Piece Expandable Luggage Set with TSA Lock


Let’s take a look now at the Merax Dreamy Expandable luggage set with TSA lock. This is a 3-piece expandable luggage sets where the suitcases fit inside each other. The suitcases feature a durable and strong aluminum telescoping handle. It also features a 360 degree silent spinning wheels for each maneuverability.

All 3 suitcases weight just 36 pounds and are very easy to carry around. Also, other than red the suitcases are also available in blue, brown, grey, and champagne color. This bag is very rigid and also comes with a 1 year warranty so you really have nothing to worry about.

This a very well made luggage set. The look of this bag is very similar to brushed aluminum yet having the non denting quality of ABS plastic. The wheels are extremely smooth and roll freely in all directions. The inner design is just great too as it will allow you to organize your items very well.

This bag is of great quality and selling at a great price. It is perfect of trips such as long weekends, cruises, and even something longer. After you buy this bag you will we getting compliments and find yourself recommending it to others as well.

Trunki The Original Ride-On Frank Suitcase, RedTrunki The Original Ride-On Frank Suitcase, Red


Now let’s check out a suitcase that you can ride upon!! Sort of like a rolling travel trunk.

It is Trunki the Original Ride-upon frank suitcase that comes in red. It is hard wearing and constructed from light weight plastic. It has a 5 yr warranty and has a weight limit of the person sitting upon it of 75 pounds. The wheels only allow the suitcase to move in a straight line though and are not 360 degree free rolling.

This suitcase weight barely just under 4 pounds and is very easy to maneuver and carry around. You will love this Trunki and find that it is not just a toy and is actually very functional and design primarily for travel. It is very sturdy and will not open up when your kids are playing on it however a bungee cord can be used for additional safety.

This bag is a must for little kids at the airport and you’ll regret not buying it sooner.



Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28″ 4 Wheel UprightKenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28" 4 Wheel Upright


We will now look at the Kenneth Cole Out Of Bounds 28 inch Upright SuitCase. This suitcase is available in around 6 beautiful colors which are Red of course, Charcoal, Cobalt, Purple, Reg Cobale, and Reg Grey. This suitcase weighs just around 16 pounds and is quiet light weight and easy to  carry around.

This bag is available in just one size, is imported, and constructed from Abs. It features a very stylish and innovative design and will make you look very fashionable and chic. It has a very flexible top and its side handles allow for very easy lifting.

The wheels are completely 360 degree roll-able and it also has a retractable locking handle system. This makes carrying the bag around a breeze and allows for great maneuverability. You will notice that moving this bag around in any direction is really quite effortless.

This is simply a great piece of luggage and provides great value for the price. This bag will last you a long item If you do not overfill it. If you keep it well maintained and do not abuse it it will last you for years to come.

Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage SetSamsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set

We will now look at the Samsonite 5 Piece Nestled luggage set. The bag is available in 3 magnificent looking colors- Red, Black, and Charcoal. The whole sat weighs just barely over 24 pounds. The smaller pieces in this set can be packed in the larger pieces.

These cases are constructed from Polyester and offer a clean, tailored look or appearance thanks to the EVA foam front panel. They are also very easy to roll due to the inline skate wheels and also feature a fully lined interior.

The bottom grip on these cases makes for very easy lifting and the locking handle system adds to safety and maneuverability of the bags. This is a very functional and durable luggage set and looks great as well. If maintained properly it should present you with no problems at all.

This is simply a very nice luggage set at a affordable price and will pleasantly surprise you with its quality. If you use these bag within their limits you just can’t possibly be disappointed.

Cargo Cool Euro Suitcases, Red, Set of 3Cargo Cool Euro Suitcases, Red, Set of 3


Let’s now have a look at the Cargo Cool Euro suitcases that are available in sets of 3. Other than Red, this set is available in many other fabulous colors including Banana, Orange, Pink Blush, Pinkberry, Purple, Soft Blue, and Soft Green.

The weight is just barely around 4 pounds and thus the suitcases is very light weight and easy to carry around. This set can also make for decor storage of all your supplies and father enhance the looks and value of your home.

The set is constructed from strong fiberboard with a very colorful lacquer finish both inside and outside. It even features matching heavy cotton stitching and a matching metal handle as well. This is a very cute, adorable, durable, and rigid piece of luggage right here all at once.

The suitcase is a great blend between light weight and durability. You will absolutely love if for any part or decoration themed decoration as well. Buy it today and let become your friend on all your endeavors!!

IT Luggage MegaLite Luggage Collection 31″ SpinnerIT Luggage MegaLite Luggage Collection 31" Spinner


We will now review the IT luggage megalite 31 inch spinner suitcase. Other than Fiery Red this suitcase is available in many other beautiful and adorable colors including Black, Baton Rouge, Blue Ashes, Blue Grotto, and Flint Gray. It also weighs just barely over 6 pounds making it very light weight and a breeze to carry around.

This suitcase is constructed from Fabric and high density Polyester. This is just a great quality spinner case packed with many great features. This case will remain completely balanced thanks to the 4 smooth silent spinner wheels that are positioned perfectly on the corners at the base. It also offers a special base for superior control.

This suitcase offers a great balance between light weight, strength, durability, and rigidity. Even the handles on this bag have been tested on several occasions for comfort and they have always passed the test assigned to them with flying colors. You can also avoid damage while in transit thanks to the push button trolley system that can be tucked away.

This is among one the best luggage you can hope to buy on Amazon. It even comes with a 10 yr warranty because the manufacturer knows they don’t have much to worry about. Buy this right away and make packing on your next vacation a lot more easier and far more convenient!!

Delsey Luggage Helium Titanium 25 Inch EXP Spinner Trolley MetallicDelsey Luggage Helium Titanium 25 Inch EXP Spinner Trolley Metallic


We now now briefly review the Delsey helium titanium Spinner trolley metallic suitcase. Other than Red black cherry it is available in other wonderful colors namely Graphite, Navy Blue, and Purple. The suitcase weighs just over 12 pounds making it a little heavier than some other ones we’ve looked at but that is the compensation for its great quality.

This suitcase is imported, constructed completely from Polycarbonate, has a fabric lining, and a removable privacy ID tag as well. This is a very modern and fashionable suitcase that features an excellent scratch resistant finish and a fully integrated handle system.

This suitcase is very strong, sturdy, and durable and will keep your items completely secure. The material used for its construction is the same material used to construct jet plane canopies and bullet proof windows!!

You will be extremely delighted with this suitcase as it is of exceptional quality and will more than exceed your expectations. Everything from the wheels to the zippers  and locks has been given a lot of attention to and will never break apart on you. Get this one today!!

Samsonite Liftwo Spinner 21 LuggageSamsonite Liftwo Spinner 21 Luggage


Now we will briefly review the Samsonite Liftwo 21 spinner suitcase. It is available in 2 wonderful colors- Red and Black. It weighs just barely under 8 pounds and is very light weight and a breeze to carry around.

This bag is imported and constructed completely from Nylon. It has a fabric lining, zipper closure, and can roll completely up right to take the weight away fro your arms. The 4 360 degree multi directional wheels further add to its ease in maneuverability. The ecto skeletal wheel hubs are in grey color.

This bag is very expandable as seen be seen by the pic below. This is due to its AEPE material that is very light, strong, and resists any sort of abrasion or puncture. By the way, AEPE stands for air expanded poly ethylene. This suitcase also features a pull handle with very light weight beveled pull handle.

This bag may appear to be a bit expensive but it is very roomy and spacious, very durable, and very convenient for airline travel. It is very easy to roll due to its light weight, wheel, and handles yet very strong.

Luggage Packing Cubes, Sumnacon Travel Suitcase Packing Organizer Cubes, Slim, Medium, LargeLuggage Packing Cubes, Sumnacon Travel Suitcase Packing Organizer Cubes, Slim, Medium, Large


Let’s now check out something a lot cheaper and cuter as well!!

It is the Sumnacon travel packing cubes which are available in slim, medium, and large sizes. Other than Red they are can also be bought in Black and blue and these colors look just as wonderful and adorable as well.

This set will keeps your ready and organized and the set can even be shard with family members- each with their own color and perhaps even a different size. These bag are light and just perfect for hotel rooms as well and will avoid you any overweight charges from the airlines as well. The whole set weighs just barely at 12 ounces!!

These bags are constructed from very strong and durable fabric and the construction is just great given how light the whole set is. You will be really pleased with this set and find yourself using it from the very first day it arrives at your door steps.

Buy it now and have it as your new luggage set in all your adventures and trips.

UBORSE Vinatge Carry On Luggage Spinner Travel Suitcase Rolling Duffle BagUBORSE Vinatge Carry On Luggage Spinner Travel Suitcase Rolling Duffle Bag

And now we will look at the Ubose vintage carry on travel suitcase. This suitcase is available in 2 beautiful and adorable colors and is available in Red and Blue colors. It weighs just barely over 10 pounds and is therefore very light and quite easy to carry or maneuver arund.

It is constructed of very high quality ABS and PC material which is also great for the environment as well and is very eco friendly. This suitcase offers a very innovative design with great manufacturing aspects and offers a great compensation between weight, strength, durability, and rigidity.

This bag is very roomy and spacious and you will find that it can accommodate quite a bit more than what the pictures might let you to believe. Its wheels can rotate freely in 360 degrees further adding to its easy in movement and adds to the convenience it will bring you during your trips.

This is simply a great piece of luggage hardware and provides great value for the price. But it today and have it be you travel buddy for the next decade or so!!

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