Beautiful Green SuitCases

Green can be a very bold and beautiful color for a suitcase and will make you stand out from the crowd. You can also find gorgeous red suitcases and the most beautiful suitcases on amazon as well!!

There are hundreds of varieties of suitcases available. I have personally found that have the right suitcase can make your travel trips far more convenient and make your life a little easier. Be sure to get one that won’t break on you after the first trip and is durable, strong, and looks good.

US Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-On Luggage SetUS Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set

Let’s start this article with a brief overview of the US Traveler Rio 2-piece carry on luggage set. Other than green it is also available in around 8 other colors including Purple, Royal blue, and Orange. It is constructed out of Polyester and weighs just over 8 pounds. Thus it is very light weight and easy to tote around.

This bag is constructed of solid metal hardware and is very durable. The EVA padding in the front strengthens it even more. It also features dual adjustable tie down straps and an interior that is fully lined. This is definitely a solid and a very well built bag.

You will be pleased with how well this bag is constructed. It features a interior cover that can be zipped over your clothes and a compression strap system that will guide you in your packing of clothes. The handle is very sturdy and will withstand all the abuse you throw its way.

This is a real suitcase and is great for the occasional traveler. The price is just right for it and you will be glad that you bought it. It will be your companion for years to come.

Goplus® Globalway 3 Pcs Luggage Travel Set Bag ABS+PC Trolley SuitcaseGoplus® Globalway 3 Pcs Luggage Travel Set Bag ABS+PC Trolley Suitcase



We will not review the GoPlus GlobalWay 3 Piece Trolley Suit Case set. It is of high quality ans is simple yet very stylish. It is available in around 10 different colors including Green of course, black, blue, brown, and wine. It is very light weight yet durable thanks to its ABS and PC hard shell.

This bag is resistant to dirt, very easy to clean up, and its main compartment is very roomy and spacious. This 3 pierce luggage set is just great for almost all travel trips. It telescoping handles and the 360 degree free rolling wheels will make your trip very convenient.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that all your items are secure thanks to the firm coded lock. It is definitely a very well made suitcase set and you will always be excited to use it during all of your trips. The green color will also make it very easy to spot your luggage among all the others at the airport.

This is one of the best luggage sets you can hope to buy and is usually highly recommended by all its previous buyers. Do not let the cheap price fool you. Take it while it is still selling on this bargain price and add a little more convenience to your trips.

Travelers Club Luggage Modern Hardside Expandable Carry-On SpinnerTravelers Club Luggage Modern 20 Inch Hardside Expandable Carry-On Spinner

Let’s now check out the Travelers Club 20″ Hardside expandable carry-on spinner suitcase. Other than green (turquoise), it is also available in black, aquamarine, and purple. It is imported. constructed completely out of ABS, and has an outer ABS shell that is textured with embossed finish to prevent it from scratches and to reduce their visibility.

It weighs barely just over 8 pounds and is very light in weight and a breeze to carry and maneuver around. This bag has a very sleek hard-sided interior and a fully-lined interior and has a manin compartment that is very large and roomy.

The interior of this bag is also equipped with elastic tie straps to prevent shifting of your content and items. This is a very fashionable and adorable suitcase. However, it is designed with functionality in mind and your convenience is placed over aesthetics.

When this bag arrives at your doorstep you will notice that the actual color is even better than pictured here. It will hold a few days of clothing items and will have you waiting for your next trip or vacation. Whether you’re buying this bag for yourself or as a gift, you can’t go wrong at this price.

Ambassador Luggage Polka Dots Polycarbonate Expandable 20″ Carry On Spinner SuitcaseAmbassador Luggage Polka Dots Polycarbonate Expandable 20" Carry On Spinner Suitcase



We’ll now look at the Ambassador luggage Carry On spinner suitcase. It comes in lemon green with white polka dots on it. Other than green it is also available in pink, yellow, black, and lavendar. This bag also weighs just barely over 9 pounds and is very light weight and easy to carry around.

It is constructed completely from certified Bayer polycarbonate imported from Germany. This is what in fact prevents this bag from getting too heavy and yet retain its durability at the same time. The 3 dial TSA combination lock system will also make you feel secure knowing that your items are safe.

You will find this bag to be just perfect given its durability and functionality despite it being very adorable and stylish. You will find it to be very spacious and rigid enough to last a decade. This bag even comes with a cover so you can keep your suitcase protected when it is not being used.

It i tailored a bit towards women but can be owned by men as well. This is one of the best luggage you will ever own and you will not regret buying it.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Expandable Luggage Spinner Suitcase 29″Kenneth Cole Reaction 8 Wheelin Expandable Luggage Spinner Suitcase 29"

We’ll now look at the Kenneth Cole Reaction Expandable spinner suitcase. Other than green, it is also available in Red, Light silver, Ocean blue, Navy, and Pewter colors. It weighs a bit more than the other suitcases we’ve looked at and is around 15 pounds so it’s not as light weight as those.

It is hard sided construction with durable and rigid ABS stylish exterior. It has a very easy to clear interior with tear resistant lining. For extra protection it also features PVC feet. It has a great 8 wheel system with 360 degree spin technology.

This is really a great bag and will pleasantly surprise you. It only costs about half of what some other competitors might charge you for something like this. It will survive the brutish and abusive behavior that many travelers have towards their luggage!!

This suitcase is a great investment and will make your travelling much easier. It is made for the airlines and will look great even after a decade of abuse.

World Traveler Animal Print Collection Expandable Carry On Rolling LuggageWorld Traveler Animal Print Collection 20-inch Expandable Carry On Rolling Luggage

Let us now check out the World Traveler Animal Print 20″ Expandable carry on luggage suitcases. Other than zebra-green they are available in a myriad of other colors such as Zebra- pink black, cat, lady bug, horse, leopard, owls among many others.

The bag is imported, constructed from Denier Polyester, expandable, and even has a zipper closure. It has 2 exterior front pockets and the rolling wheels and the pop up handle make up for a very smooth and efficient rolling. It also weighs barely just over 5 pounds so it is a breeze to maneuver and carry around.

This carry-on bag is hard to beat for the price it is currently listed on for sale. Do not be hesitant about the quality of this bag given its cheap sale price. You will be pleasantly surprised by the sturdiness of this bag once it arrives to your front door.

This bag is very functional and is designed with the consumer in mind. It is very roomy and spacious and will make you look chic as well. This is a great stylish suitcase and will last you for years to come.


Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 25Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Spinner 25

The Samsonite Aspire Xlite suitcase is also a great buy. Other than the green Volt color it is also available in Black, blue dream, and Red. It is imported, constructed out of Polyester and also features a full interior lining. It weight barely just over 11 pounds making it light weight and easy to carry and maneuver around.

It also has a convenient to reach quick stash zipper which makes it easy to store tickets and other smaller items. This case can also expand quite a bit to add added capacity during your travels so you don’t have to worry about over packing it!!

This is a strong suitcase and will hold up well even after a lot of abuse. This is a great buy and will be your travel buddy for many many years to come.


Gorgeous Red Suitcases

Skyway Luggage Sigma 4 24-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Spinner UprightSkyway Luggage Sigma 4 24-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Spinner Upright

We will now briefly review the Skyway 24″ 4 wheel expandable spinner upright suitcase. It is available in the beautiful Midnight Green color and weighs barely just over 11 pounds making it very light in weight and extremely easy to carry or maneuver around.

It is constructed completely out of Polyester, has elastic tie-down straps to prevent items from moving while moving the suitcase, multiple mesh ans shoe pockets in order to keep all your items and accessories organized, and a strap that allow you to attach another luggage to it!!

This one can take a lot of abuse as it very rigid and durable. Even after heading out to 20 different long trips and abusing this suitcase a lot, you will find it to be still in mint condition and have it looking as if you just bought it yesterday. It is also very roomy and spacious at the same time.

The SkyWay brand will not disappoint you one bit whether we are talking about aesthetics, functionality, durability, or design. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised when this suitcase arrives at your home!!

Traveler’s Choice Freedom 21 in. Hardshell Wheeled Carry-On SuitcaseTraveler's Choice Freedom 21 in. Hardshell Wheeled Carry-On Suitcase

Let us now review the Traveler’s Choice Freedom 21 inch hard shell carry-on suitcase. It is available in two other beautiful colors other than Apple Green namely Arctic Blue and Dusty Rose. It weighs just barely over 8 pounds and is very light weight and a breeze to carry around.

This suitcase has a hard side PolyCarbonate and ABS shell. The PolyCarbonate Abs shell material is of top quality and grade and will provide for maximum strength and is great for impact and scratch resistance.

This is simply a great piece of luggage and provide great value for the price. It is very spacious and will surprise you by how much stuff you can stuff into it. You will also have no problem with air line weight restriction when using this suitcase.

The innovative design takes the end user into consideration and not only provides great functionality but looks great as well. You will look very chic carry this suitcase around!!

Skyway FL-Air-Air 28-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable UprightSkyway FL-Air-Air 28-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright

Let’s now look at another quality suitcase by SkyWay. It is the FL air 28 inch expandable upright suitcase. Other than Lime green it is available two other marvelous colors- Gray and Royal Paisley.

This suitcase weight just a bit over 8 pounds making it very lightweight and real easy to transport around. It is imported, constructed completely of Polyester, and has a spinner wheel system that provides for great mobility no matter in which manner you push or pull the suitcase.

This suitcases also features zippered mesh pocket which allows for see through organization and is found to be convenient by many people. This suitcase has been tested under various conditions and has always proven to be strong, rigid, and durable. Chances are you will get the same results too!!

You can over stuff this suitcase, toss it around, and throw all sorts of abuse along its way. It will always come out on top and keep on surprising you. You should get this one while it lasts!!


WSWS – Extra Thick Suitcase Protective Anti-Scratch Luggage Cover (Many Color/Size) + Luggage TagWSWS - Extra Thick Suitcase Protective Anti-Scratch Luggage Cover (Many Color/Size) + Luggage Tag

We will now go through and review the WSWS extra thick suitcase that is available in many other beautiful colors other than green namely being Black, Blue, Coffee, Pink, Purple, Red, and lstly Yellow.

It weighs barely just over 12 ounces making it surprisingly light weight for its size. It has a extra thick cover as might be obvious from the pic below and is constructed from a combination of Spandex and Polyester. The thickness cover protects the luggage from scratches and dirt.

This is simply a well made piece of luggage that provides great value given its price. The material is of great quality and is very rigid and durable and will never tear apart on you. It is exactly what you would expect from the description here and even has Velcro and one free WSWS tag.

Buy this luggage today and have it slowly become your travel companion on your future travel trips!!


Caribbean Joe 28 Inch 8 Wheel SpinnerCaribbean Joe 28 Inch 8 Wheel Spinner

Let us now briefly review the Caribbean Joe 28 inch 8 wheel spinner suitcase. This Suitcase is available in 2 colors and looks just stunning. It comes in Olive Green and Chocolate Brown. The suitcase weighs just barely a bit over 11 pounds thus it is very light weight and a breeze to carry and maneuver around.

This suitcase is imported and the construction is a combination of Polyester and Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a great combination of light weight, strength, rigidity, and durability and will accommodate your perfectly along all your travel trips.

This bag has 8 spinner wheels that can roll completely and smoothly 360 degrees which essentially means that you will have to exert very little effort to move this suitcase around and that there will be very little loads on your arms. This suitcase is also expandable and can provide for an amazing 20 per cent additional packing space!!

This is simply a beautiful and well made piece of luggage. It will aid you during all your local and international trips. This suitcase is even better than what you read in the description and will surprisingly exceed all your expectation. Get it now!!

Fochier Luggage Carry on Spinner Set 2 Piece with 4 Double WheelsFochier Luggage Carry on Spinner Set 2 Piece with 4 Double Wheels



Let us now go through the Fochier 2 piece spinner suitcase that has 4 double wheels. Other than Green it is available in 3 other beautiful and magnificent colors- Rose Red, Silver, and Blue. Both the suitcases combined weigh just barely over 17 pounds thus each individual suitcase is light in weight and easy to carry or roll around.

This suitcase is imported and has a fully lined interior with multiple use organizational pocket for easy packing. The suitcase is constructed from very light weight, durable, and rigid ABS material. It also has a built in lock but it is not TSA approved.

This suitcase has a very sturdy and rigid adjustable aluminum telescoping handle and even has 360 degree roll able 8 spinner wheels. All this greatly adds to the easy with which you can carry and maneuver this suitcase around.

This is simply a fantastic piece of luggage and can also make for a great gift. At this price it will be tough to beat the value that it brings forth. Whether you use it for a day long local trip or take it overseas on a international trip for a few weeks, it will always be there for you!!

Fila 32″ Large Lightweight Rolling Duffel Bag

Fila 32" Large Lightweight Rolling Duffel Bag

Let’s now have a looks at the Fila 32″ Rolling light weight duffel bag suitcase. It is available in Neon Lime and Blue colors. It weight just barely over 6 pounds and is surprisingly light for it size. Thus it is very easy to carry or maneuver around and will never tire your arms or shoulders.

This suitcases is imported, constructed completely from Nylon, and made of or very strong and durable Nylon material. It features a very spacious main compartment and will ensure that you always have a little bit more space to put away all your material or stuff in. It even has a internal handle system that can zip away when not being used.

This is a great and satisfying product to buy if it is maintained well. It will break apart if it is abused constantly though. However, if maintained it will withstand harsh weather and terrain and always be there with you to the end.

This bag is also eligible for the 30 day Amazon return policy so you can always return it if you find that it is not up to the standards you had expected. However, I highly doubt that this will ever happen. Buy it now and make your hiking and camping trips a lot more convenient, easy, and fun!!

Nicole Miller Rainbow 24″ Hard-Sided Luggage SpinnerNicole Miller Rainbow 24" Hard-Sided Luggage Spinner


And now it is time for our final review in this article. For that let’s have a looks at the Nicole Miller 24 inch hard sided spinner suitcase. It is available in two beautiful colors- Olive and Lavender Stripe. It also weighs just barely over 10 pounds making it quite light weight and very easy to carry and maneuver around.

This suitcases features the Nicole Miller Signature lining, and has wheels that spin freely in 360 degrees and are very smooth as well. It even has a very convenient and easy to use telescopic push button handle system. All this further enhances the ease with which this suitcase can be moved or transported around.

This suitcase is also very spacious and will provide plenty of room for all your clothing items and all the other accessories you throw away in it. It provided for a good expansion and will always have room for all the extra items you buy along your trip. No need to buy another suitcase just for them!!

You will absolutely love this suitcase and it even makes for a great gift. Buy it today and make yourself or someone else happy!!

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