Beautiful Suitcases For Women

Women often have very different requirements and criteria when it comes to picking a suitcase. Often the same suitcase can be used by both men and women, but there are some suitcases that are tailored and made especially for women. Let’s now have a look at some of the colorful suitcases that you can buy off of Amazon.

Women Floral Pu Leather Travel Suitcase Apply to 20″ – 26″ with Spinner WheelsWomen Floral Pu Leather Travel Suitcase Apply to 20" - 26" with Spinner Wheels

This women floral leather spinner suitcase is made specifically for women. It comes in beautiful floral design that will make you stand out from the crowd. It also weighs just barely over 11 pounds and is very light weight and simply a breeze to carry around.

This suitcase is also very creatively designed and is very rigid, strong, and durable. It can stand a lot of abuse and will never give up on you. It is also surprisingly a lot more spacious than it might appear to be from the pictures. You will find that there is always room for a little more stuff in it!!

It has Polyester lining and has a very easy to set or reset Retro 3 password lock. This suitcase is very chic and will make you look very confident and fashionable. It is meant to be used for short trips- something like a weekend get away and nothing more than 1 week.

This suitcase is built to last and will be right along with you on all those airlines. But it today at this great price and have it last you for many years to come.

Samsonite Luggage Women’s Spinner Mobile OfficeSamsonite Luggage Women's Spinner Mobile Office

The Samsonite luggage spinner suitcase is also quite good. As of right now it is available only in the beautiful black color and weighs just barely over 10 pounds. Thus it is quite lightweight and can be carried and maneuvered around easily.

It is imported, constructed completely out of Polyester, and can fit quite easily under most airline seats or overhead pins. It is also very roomy and spacious and has a black compartment which will provide you enough room for all of your files. It also features a padded laptop compartment and padded pockets.

The 360 degree free rolling 4 spinner wheels on this luggage case make it very easy to maneuver around. The wheels roll smoothly as If there’s no friction!!

You will absolutely love this durable and rigid suitcase. It is very well made and could be the perfect carry on suitcase for you. This one is tough to beat and you will be glad that you bought it. Get it while it still lasts!!

CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Set 24″ TSA Locks Wheel Suitcase with 12″ Hand BagCO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Set 24" TSA Locks Wheel Suitcase with 12" Hand Bag

Here is another wonderful luggage set that is equipped with TSA locks and comes with a beautiful 12 inch hand bag as well. It is available in the magnificent pink/beige or the stunning
Navy Blue/Brown colors. The shipping weight for both these items is merely just over 16 pounds which is really quite light in weight.

The multi directional free rolling 4 heavy duty spinner wheels make this suitcase an absolute breeze to maneuver around and you’ll barely have to apply any effort at all to move this one around. There are also 2 TSA locks for this suitcase and there is even a strap included that will allow you to attach the bag to the suitcase.

This elegant suitcase will make you look very fashionable and it will never go out of style. It has pockets that that are organized great and will allow you to store all your items in them with ease. This classic suitcase has a vintage style and will separate you from the crowd!!

Get this beautiful pink suitcase today. It is very rigid, strong, and durable and will last you a decade or perhaps even longer!!

Women Plaid Pu Leather Travel Suitcase Apply to 20″ – 26″ with Spinner WheelsWomen Plaid Pu Leather Travel Suitcase Apply to 20" - 26" with Spinner Wheels

Here is another beautiful suitcase for women with spinner wheels that is available in quite a range of sizes. It is a little heavier than the previous few suitcases we have discussed weighting in at just over 17 pounds but you will find that it feels a lot lighter thanks to its creative design.

This suitcase has Polyester lining and outside pu leather. It is extremely easy to clean and is also partially waterproof. The outside can only be washed clean with stupe though. It also features 360 degree spinning wheels and adaptive positioning pull rod as well. These features make for easy lifting of this luggage and very efficient maneuverability as well.

You will also find that this affordable, durable, and strong suitcase is also very spacious. You can pack a lot more into it than you may think. Thus, no need to buy an additional suitcase for all those souvenirs you buy along your trip.

You will absolutely love this suitcase and wish you had gotten it sooner. Order it now and have it be your buddy for all your future adventures!!

GUESS Women’s Nichols Four-Wheel Roller SuitcaseGUESS Women's Nichols Four-Wheel Roller Suitcase

Here is another amazing women’ suitcase that is available in 3 beautiful colors namely being Coal, Midnight, and Natural. It is also very light weight and a complete breeze to carry around. Prepare to be completely blown away by how light it is!!

This bag looks great is very fashionable and chic. However, it was designed to be effective, functional, and easy to use. It manages to meet all of these criteria with flying colors. It is also very spacious with all of its multiple compartments and will more than just hold your essential items.

You will absolutely love this durable, strong, and rigid suitcase that will exceed all of you expectation. It has faux leather exterior and a front detachable tag and a bumper zip around. All the features on this bag are of premium quality.

Get it while it lasts and have it be your friend for many many years to come!!

ZUMIT Travel Duffel Bag Water-resistant Super Lightweight Holdall Tote Handbag Brief ZUMIT Travel Duffel Bag Water-resistant Super Lightweight Holdall Tote Handbag Brief

Here is a great duffel bag tailored towards women. It is currently only available in black and is very light in weight, water resistant, and is a complete breeze to carry around. It will barely exert any load on your arms and you will feel as If you are carrying nothing at all!!

It has a leather handle and a adjustable shoulder strap which make it even more comfortable to carry. This bag is also very spacious and offers a lot of room. It is also very flexible and can be used for multiple purposes such as for daily work, school, weekend travel, gym, sports, and a lot more.

This bag will also all you to organize all your stuff very conveniently thanks to all of its pockets- it has 2 large ones for easy access to bottles, clothes etc, a large main zipper compartment, top zipper pocket, 3 front zipper pockets, and still more pockets not mentioned here!!

You will absolutely love this attractive duffel bag and find that is can be perfect for gym or short trips. You will be getting compliments from other people about this duffel bag as they will be looking to buy one for themselves as well when they see this one!!

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Renegade 28 Inch Expandable Upright SuitcaseKenneth Cole Reaction Women's Renegade 28 Inch Expandable Upright Suitcase

The Keeneth Cole Reaction Women’s suitcase in white is absolutely stunning as well. It weighs just over 15 pounds and given how large and sturdy this suitcase is, that is quite light weight. You will never feel that this bag is bulky and will be able to move or maneuver it around with ease.

The bag is imported, constructed out of ABS Polycarbonate, and even features molded corner reinforcements. The 8 wheel construction on this suitcase along with its magnificent and creative design make for a very effective and efficient maneuverability of this suitcase.

You will always have your items secured in this bag thanks to its strong construction and the locking retractable handle. This is a huge suitcase and is extremely spacious and roomy. Why but 2 suitcases, when you can fit all of your stuff in just one!!?

You will absolutely love this suitcase and its bright white color is also very easy to spot on the airlines. Thus it will be quite tough to lose this one!!

Gym and Sports Luggage

Lily Bloom Large Expandable Design Pattern Luggage With Spinner Wheels For WomanLily Bloom Large Expandable Design Pattern Luggage With Spinner Wheels For Woman

The Lily bloom expandable suitcase for women is also very lovely, adorable, and of excellent quality. Currently it is available in 5 stunning color combinations- Desert Sierra, Forest, On the Prowl, What a hoot, and WildWoods!!

It also weighs just barely over 11 pounds and is very light weight and a real breeze to be carried around. It will barely exert any load on your arms as you maneuver it thanks to its creative design and the free rolling 360 degree enhanced rolling system.

The ergonomic handles further make for a more comfortable grip and also make it very easy to carry this bag around. This bag is already very roomy and spacious as it is but on top of that it is also quite expandable and will allow for great extra packing capacity. You will be pleasantly surprised by all the stuff you can pack in to it.

You will absolutely love this uniquely designed bag which is sure to separate you from the crowd with all their bland suitcases!!

Get this well designed and beautiful sturdy suitcase while it still lasts.

Beautiful Suitcases

Beautiful Suitcases For Women
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