Colorful Pink Suitcases

The pink color is usually associated with women and the pink suitcase can be both playful and professional at the same time. In this article we’ll review and compare some pink suitcases you can buy off Amazon.

Goplus® Globalway 3 Pcs Luggage Travel Set Bag Trolley SuitcaseGoplus® Globalway 3 Pcs Luggage Travel Set Bag ABS+PC Trolley Suitcase

Let’s kick off with the GoPlus GlobalWay 3 Pcs luggage trolley suitcase set. Other than Pick it is also available is several other colors including Black, Blue, Brown, and Orange. It is of very high quality yet is very simple and fashionable. It will make you look very chic.

It is light weight yet very durable and rigid and has ABS and PC hard shell. It also has a firm coded lock so your items will be safe in there and you will have peace of mind. The bag is resistant to dirt and is very easy to clean up and has a main compartment that is very roomy ans spacious.

Maneuvering and moving this baggage around is a breeze thanks to it 360 degree free rolling wheels and its telescoping handles. All of these features will make your trip extra convenient. It also has small zippered pockets to take care of your smaller items such as your wallet or cell phone.

This is a very well mage luggage set and is will most likely exceed your expectations. The pictures are true to how this bag will appear in person. This is simply a great bag and will last you for years to come.

Rockland 2 Piece Luggage SetRockland 2 Piece Luggage Set


We’ll now look at the very colorful Rockland 2 piece luggage set. It is available in Pink but other than that is is also available in a myriad of other beautiful designs such as the Pink Leopard, Camouflage, Black dots, Pink Bandana, Purple Pearl, Blue Leopard among many many others.

This bag is constructed completely from Polyester, is imported, has skating wheels and even has a full lining. It weighs just barely over 7 pounds making it very light weight. This it is very easy to maneuver and carry around.

Due to the cheap price of this bag you may not expect it to be of good quality. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when it arrives at your front door!!

This is a great luggage and will especially suit you If you don’t travel too frequently. It will fit perfectly in the overhead rack and the smaller nag can even easily fit under your seat. Buy this luggage set today and let it slowly become your travel companion as it will last you a decade.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 28 Inch 4-Wheel Upright LuggageKenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 28 Inch 4-Wheel Upright Luggage


We’ll now look at the Kenneth Cole Reaction out of bounds upright suitcase. It is only available in 1 size and 1 color- magenta. It is just barely over 13 pounds- so it is a little heavier than the other suitcases we’ve looked at but is still quite light weight and not too hard to carry around.

It is imported, constructed from ABS, has a durable abs exterior, and a fully lined interior. The interior compartment is very roomy and spacious and features garment restraints and a zipper pocket as well.

This is simply a great luggage with a pink exterior and a grey interior lining to it. You can easily carry around 50 pounds of weight in this luggage and even after years of use and abuse you will find it in a great condition.

This is a pretty and adorable bag and will bring you compliments left and right. Buy it today and have it as your buddy for a long time.


Samsonite Omni PC Hardside SpinnerSamsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner 28

The Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner suitcase is also a quality product. Other than radiant pink it is also available in many other wonderful colors such as Burnt orange, Caribbean Blue, Navy, Purple, and Reg Black.

It weight barely just over 14 pounds and is not too heavy and is quite easy to carry around. It is imported, constructed completely from PolyCarbonate, has a Nylon lining and a strong zipper closure as well.

This is a very huge and spacious suitcase and with its expansion properties it will be able to hold a lot of material. It also features a scratch resistant texture with a very light polycarbonate construction ensuring that it will be able to take a lot of abuse and always take well care of all your items and accessories.

This bag will be even bigger in person than it appears to be in the pictures. Thus, If you are looking for something small this might not be the suitcase for you. This bag feature a great balance between durability, flexibility, and weight. It is simply a great suitcase for this price.

Rockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry OnRockland 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On


We’ll now review the Rockland 20″ Polycarbonate Carry On suitcase. Other than Pink Pearl, it is also available in many other beautiful color combinations such as the Purple Pearl, Pucci, Love, Owl, Heart, Crocodile, Snake, Fashion, and Tribal.

This bag is completely plastic, is imported, and is machine washable. The construction is polycarbonate/abs. This material makes the suitcase very light weight yet durable and protects all the contents and materials in your luggage.

The bag weighs just barely under 8 pounds which makes it very light weight and a breeze to maneuver and carry it around. The wheels can roll completely in all direction which makes this bag very smooth to roll around. The internal chrome telescoping handles further add to the ease with which this bag can be handled.

This is a very attractive, durable, adorable, and well priced bag. It is simply a very sturdy and strong suitcase and is a steal at this price.

Rockland 3 Piece Luggage SetRockland 3 Piece Luggage Set


Briefly let’s have a look now at the Rockland three piece luggage set. Other than the beautiful pink dot design, it is available in many other beautiful designs such as the Pink Leopard, Pink Giraffe, and the Pink Zebra.

All three suitcases don’t even weight around 20 pounds. Thus they are very light weight and easy to carry around. They are constructed completely from Polyester, are imported, have skate wheels, have a full lining, an internal handle, and are quite expandable as well.

Do not be skeptical about this beautiful set because of the cheap price they’re listed for. These bags can easily survive most airlines and will impress you from the very first day they arrive at your door steps.

They have a very chic pattern and will make you look very fashionable. So what are you waiting for? Buy them now!!

Olympia Kids 17 Inch Carry-On LuggageOlympia Kids 17 Inch Carry-On Luggage


Let’s now have a look at a suitcase specifically tailored towards kids. It is the Olympia Kids 17 inches carry on luggage. Other than Pink it is also available in many other beautiful colors such as the Sports, Hand, and Black design combinations. It weighs just barely over 2 pounds making it extremely light weight and just perfect for kids to carry around.

It is constructed completely out of Polyester, is imported, has an external retractable handle and a top carry handle. In addition to all this it also features self-repairing excel zippers, a front zipper pocket for supplies and accessories, and a color matching handle grip and wheel. It is imply a great purchase and the kids will love it!!

It is simply the right size for kids and will also be a good companion for them as they slowly start growing up. This bag is simply made for kids. Even they will have absolutely no problem maneuvering their way through a airport with this suitcase.

This ia very nice, adorable, cute, and rugged suitcase. It is beautiful and of great quality and the price is just right as well.


Colorful Tote Bags

Dejuno ABS Pink Hard Case 3-pc Rolling Spinner Luggage Suitcase Set 4 Wheels

Let us now have a look at the Dejuno pink 3 piece suitcase set.  This set is quite light in weight and is very easy to carry around. Thus you can carry it around or tote or maneuver it with ease. It will take a while before it starts to tire your arms.

It is constructed out of ABS and has 360 degree rolling wheels which further adds to the ease with which it can be carried around. It has a fully lined interior and though the suitcases are very adorable, the designers made functionality their top criteria.

This is a very sturdy and durable suitcase and will last you a long time even despite all the abuse you throw its way.

Get this one now and make your travel life a bit more convenient!

IT Luggage MegaLite Luggage Collection 31″ Spinner

Here is another great suitcase that is available in multiple other beautiful colors than Pink (Baton Rouge) which are namely Black, Blue Grotto, Fiery Rad, and Flint Gray. This one is also quite light in weight and weight just barely over 6 pounds and is very easy to carry or maneuver around.

This is a great quality spinner case constructed out of high density Polyester and packed with many great features. The fabrics and materials with which this suitcase is constructed gives it great strength, durability, and rigidity. It will never break apart on you and will you for many many years to come.

This is really one the best quality and value bags you can hope to buy off Amazon. It can hold a lot of weight and even when completely filled up it can turn corners very easily as it there is absolutely nothing in it.

This quality luggage also comes with a 10 year warranty so there is really nothing to worry about!!

Colorful Pink Suitcases
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