Beautiful Brown Garment Bags

Garment bags (Suit bags) are containers of flexible materials especially clothing such as suits and jackets. You can hang your clothes inside the garment bags in hangers and thus protect them from nature or generally speaking dust. The basic garment bag usually has a zipper in the middle of the bag that opens from bottom to top.

We’ll now check out some garment bags that are available in brown though other colors especially black can be found as well and also check out nylon garment bags.

WallyBags 45 Inch Slim Garment BagWallyBags 45 Inch Slim Garment Bag

We’ll begin with the WallyBags 45″ slim bag. Other than brown, it comes in 5 more colors including clack and khaki.

This bag is made out of polyester and you can easily secure your hangers at the top of WallyBag for easy packing which will be secured using the Wallylock. This bag can hold up to 4 garments and will keep them in a neat and crisp condition. You can easily carry and attach this bag to a trolley as the handles fasten together.

You can use this bag for both work and traveling. The convenience that this bag will bring you is hard to beat. You can not compare it to cheap plastic cover bags which will only last you a few months. Everything about this bag is durable including the zippers and it will last you for a decade.


WallyBags 42 Inch Shoulder Strap Garment BagWallyBags 42 Inch Shoulder Strap Garment Bag


WallyBags 42″ Shoulder strap garment bag is quite wonderful too. It is constructed from polyester and the 2 large pockets give you plenty of room for shoes and other accessories. This bag can hold over six different garment and will keep you clothes in mint condition and completely wrinkle free.

Just like the Wallybag discussed previously the handles in this bag also fasten together allowing it to be easily attached to the trolley of most rolling luggage. This bag is very light and easy and comfortable to carry around. It weight barely over 3 pounds. The clamp on this bag will prevent your bags from falling to the bottom of the bag.

This is a very adept suit carrier and is more than just a bag. The bigger bag offers a great combination of capacity, size, and your suits won’t touch the bottom when folded together. If you want to free your hands for holding your coffee cup or car doors be sure to get the shoulder strap.

If you’ve traveled often you’ve probably realized that the overhead bins on many airplanes are rather quite tight. This bag will have no problem fitting in there. In addition you’ll notice that it is very soft and compliant. It is recommended more for smaller trips though- less than 1 week long.

Noble Outfitters Signature Garment Bag, TobaccoNoble Outfitters Signature Garment Bag, Tobacco


Let’s check out something a bit different now. It is the noble outfitters signature garment bag. It is imported and has a full zip front opening as can be seen from the picture below. It even has 2 over-sized mesh pockets right inside the main opening.

The bag has a hard base to stabilize itself and even has a completely adjustable shoulder strap with no-slip traction pad. This bag can last you on long travel trips as it is extremely easy to use, strong, and very durable. Whether you’re going on a cruise or a small road trip, this bag will not fail you.

BAGSMART Travel Carryon Folded Garment Bag Suit Carriers Garment Cover BrownBAGSMART Travel Carryon Folded Garment Bag Suit Carriers Garment Cover Brown

We’ll now look at the BagSmart 22″ Carriers garment cover bag. It has a zipper closure and is durable and light weight and constructed from faux leather trip with dual zipper closure. It features a very comfortable and adjustable detachable shoulder strap.

This bag will help you provide protection from nature for all your articles such as clothing, dress, shoes, suits, and other such accessories. This bag weighs merely just over 1 pound and is very easy to carry around. This bag is very sturdy and spacious and can take all the abuse you throw its way.

It is tested for fitting in airplane compartments with ease even when filled to its capacity. Though it has many inside compartment they are very easy to get to due to its well organized design. Even If you’re carrying your clothing articles such as suits on a subway, you will notice that this bag takes the abuse quite well.

Iblue  Durable Gym Tote Genuine Leather Overnight Travel Weekend Bag Garment Iblue X-Large Durable Gym Tote Genuine Leather Overnight Travel Weekend Bag Garment 21in #C001

We’ll now check out the Iblue X-large genuine leather garment bag. It is made from beautiful shiny brown leather and has very heavy duty lining and threading. It weighs barely over 2 pounds and is therefore very easy to carry around. It also comes with a 1 year warranty so there’s no way you can go wrong buying this bag.

The zipper, clasps, and other metals on this bag are a greet addition and compliment to the beautiful brown leather. You will find that this bag is very spacious and the side pockets are very easily accessible- they’re especially great for someone who travels a lot and need to reach their personal items such as a wallet, cell phone, or even passport regularly.

It is a unisex bag and is great for many different occasions whether it is a weekend trip, business trip or even a short travel overseas. This bag is definitely very sturdy and nice and has enough room to last you up to a week. You will be getting compliments left and right from the very day you buy this bag!!

Iblue Unique Designed Handle Genuine Leather  Weekender Bag Canvas Shoulder Travel Duffel Gym ToteIblue Unique Designed Handle Genuine Leather Trim Overnight Weekender Bag Canvas Shoulder Travel Duffel Gym Tote#B003


Let’s take a quick look at another Ibue genuine leather duffel gym garment bag. This one feature a 3-year warranty and other than light coffee color, it is also available in grey and army green. It has enough storage to last you on a short trip up to perhaps 1 week but definitely for at least 3-5 days.

The bag is constructed from thick genuine leather trim and heavy duty canvas. What really separated this bag from other is the fact that it is handcrafted- every seam is double stitched and then both the stitches are riveted for additional strength.

This is a authentic excellent bag and you should buy this one over the cheaper options that try to imitate it. This bag is double canvas and has very heavy-duty zippers and straps made out of high quality authentic leather. This bag will look and feel durable, strong, and fashionable.

Though you can use it on longer trips it is especially great for something like a long weekend get away. It is constructed to be functional and designed to look good and stylish. You will find that even after you’ve had all the necessity items in it there’s still a lot of room left. This one is definitely a great buy.

David King Garment Bag DeluxeDavid King & Co. 42 Inch Garment Bag Deluxe


Let’s have a look at another quality David King 42″ garment deluxe bag. It is made out of leather and has 2 large interior pockets. Other than the color brown (cafe) it is available in black and tan as well. It also has a adjustable and removable strap and a center top handle as well.

It weighs barely just over 5 pounds and is very easy to transport and carry around. You will find that even after several years of use, the zipper and leather on this big are almost as if in new condition. The construction quality on this bag is simply great.

This bag looks classic, great, and is designed very well. If you travel a lot you can simply fold the garment bag in half to get through the check-in luggage. Though it is a bit expensive it is definitely well worth the price.

Business Briefcases and Other Bags

AmeriLeather Leather Three-suit Garment Bag

Let us now have a look at the AmeriLeather 3 suit garment bag. Other than Terrazzo Brown, it is available in many other beautiful colors such as Black, Dark Brown, Vintage Moss, and Vintage Toffee.

This garment bag weighs just barely over 5 pounds making it very light in weight and a breeze to carry around. This garment bag is constructed from cowhide leather that is top grain and also features a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap.

On the outside this bag has a huge zippered pocket and on the exterior it has a gusseted compartment with double zippers. You can carry up to 3 suits in this bag very easily and look very stylish at the same time!!

This is simply a nice, durable, and good looking garment bag. It can last you a long time if not abused regularly.

London Fog Cambridge 44 Inch Wheeled Garment Bag

We will now check out the London Fog Cambridge wheeled garment bag that is available in Olive and Black/White colors. It weighs just barely over 12 pounds making it very light in weight and thus it is very easy to carry around and will never tire your arms.

This bag is imported, constructed out of Polyester, and in order to prevent tipping has a wide stance. It also has smooth rolling thanks to its book opening design with in-line skate wheels. The dual carry handles on this bag will make it very comfortable for you to carry it and look just great.

It has a really unique look where it looks sort of like a suitcase but it really is a garment bag!!

This garment bag is very sturdy, durable, and make you look very fashionable and chic. It has plenty of pockets that will help you to organize all your stuff. It is simply a fabulous piece of luggage.


Brown Garment Bags

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